Staking and Framing Up the Foundation

​Now that the lot is cleared for construction and the survey company has staked the corners of the foundation, the foundation crew is on-site framing up the foundation. When I’m on-site at this point I’m looking for a few things:

  • The accuracy of the corner stakes – I check this against my approved site-plan. Before we pour the concrete, the survey company will come back out and do a layout survey, but  checking this before the foundation is framed up will save you time and money if there is a mistake.
  • The board height of the foundation – the plans always have a Finished Floor Height on them, but often in the field, you find that you might want to make a change to this for either aesthetics or practicality (i.e. you need your finished floor height to be at least 8″ above grade). Remember though, if you make a change in the field, you might have to make some modifications to the build so that you don’t run afoul of your city’s Land Development Code.
  • While the foundation is being framed up, I make sure that it looks like it is supposed to. This may seem obvious, but crews do things incorrectly all the time. Not paying attention can cost you money.