After spending a couple of weeks building the forms, and laying the plumbing and rough and electric, we’re finally ready to pour the foundation!

Pour day usually is very quick. The cement trucks start rolling in early, and as they show up, the guys jump into action. The chute is dropped from the cement truck and pointed to where the guys want the concrete to go, and the cement starts pouring out.

While the concrete comes out, one guy directs and moves the chute, and the others rake and move the concrete to the appropriate places. They fill the deep forms first, using the concrete vibrator to ensure that there aren’t any air pockets.

A string is pulled along the edges of the foundation. Pulling the string is an easy, low-tech, way of making all the edges stay straight and to watch for damage to the structure from the heavy, wet cement.

Once all the concrete is in the forms, the guys level the top with a rake and a 2×4.

Then we wait. Curing time depends on the outside temperature, but usually it’s a couple of hours.

After curing, the top of the foundation is mechanically smoothed, and the crew is done for the day.

The next day, after the poured foundation is allowed to cure further, the crew comes back and removes all the boards that created the external part of the forms, and cleans up any bits of concrete that poked through.

Next up, framing!

Pouring the Foundation