Screencast: The Property Is Under Contract, Now What?

Congratulations, you found a property and put it under contract!

Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and do some digging into the paperwork. Remember back in high school or elementary school when you (or your parents) learned to use a microfilm machine? Dust off your film rotating skills, my friend, because you may be about to discover that your county’s record’s office still uses them!

Protip: Take quarters with you if you have to do some research at your county office. You’ll need them to print directly from the Microfiche machine.

Your job over the next few days will be to collect and assess the information that you find. In my video, I’ll talk about these 5 areas that you’ll want to cover off on to make sure you are fully aware of any restrictions that you might have on your property, and any rules that you might be required to follow for development.

  1. Local zoning and land development code
  2. Surveys and deed restrictions
  3. Utility requirements, installs, and upgrades
  4. CC&Rs, HOAs, Tree Ordinances and Others
  5. Demo or Relocation Permits

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