This is a list of all of the videos in the step-by-step new spec home construction diary. As new videos are added, I’ll add them here for ease of tracking.

Pre Construction Steps

Watch Video 1: Webinar Analyzing Land and Build Cost on a Spec Home Build: Find the property and analyze the cost of the land and the build so that you can determine the feasibility of a project.

Watch Video 2 – Webinar: What To Do While In The Option Period: Once your property is under contract, perform your due diligence while you are in your option period (and with very little money at risk) to fully scrub the property and ensure that you can develop the land as you plan.

Watch Video 3 – Prepping for Demo:  Once you’ve received your demo or relocation permit, steps need to be taken to prepare the property for the work.

Watch Video 4 – What You Need To Know About the City of Austin’s Tree Ordinance: This Austin, Texas ordinance protects trees over in 19″ in diameter. Any development in the city must adhere to the guidelines.

Watch Video 5 – Relocating the Existing House in Order to Clear the Lot: We chose to move the house instead of demolish it. In this video I’ll explain the house moving process that give you a behind the scenes look at how the magic happens.

Watch Video 6 – Prepping the Lot for the Foundation: Now that the house has been moved off of the lot, we have to clear all remaining debris, setup some utilities and get the corner staked out so the foundation crew can come in and get started.


Watch Video 7 – Staking and Framing Up the Foundation: Now that the lot is cleared for construction and the survey company has pinned the corners, the foundation crew is on-site framing up the foundation.

Watch Video 8 – Forming the Foundation and Getting Plumbing Rough Done: After a few delays from weather and the surveying company, we’re finally done with forming the foundation, the plumbing rough, and the ground wire. Next up, the pour!

Watch Video 9 – Pouring the Foundation: Once all of the prep work is done, the forms are created, the plumbing rough and electric is done, we’re ready to pour some concrete! This is a quick, one day, pour. Once it’s done, we start on framing!


Watch Video 10 – Framing the House: Now that the foundation is poured, we’ll frame up the house. The framers follow the designs from the architect, and a couple of engineers to make sure everything is built correctly and is structurally sound.

Watch Video 11 – Plumbing Top Out, Electric, and HVAC Installation: The framing is done, now it’s time to put in plumbing, electric, and HVAC.

Watch Video 12 – Finalizing the Mechanical Installations and Prepping for the Framing Inspection: We’re finalizing the plumbing, electric, and HVAC. Let’s go through some of the things we’ve done, discuss why certain decisions were made, and how we’re moving forward.

Watch Video 13: Framing Inspection and Corrections: We bring in a third party inspector after the framing, plumbing and mechanicals are installed. This inspection covers all of the structural aspects of the house, and ensures that all is done to spec and to code before we start drywalling. This video covers common issues found and how to correct them.

Watch Video 14: Insulating with Spray Foam for Temperature and Batts for Sound Attenuation: After the framing and MEPS inspections are passed, we insulate the house. This is also the opportunity to add any sound attenuation in the walls.

Watch Video 15: Drywall Installation: We’re closing up the walls and starting the finish-out once the drywall is up. This is a simple step, but one that still has a few considerations.