Buying and Managing a Rental House Portfolio

Scott Sutherland presents the how he acquired, manages, and sometimes sells 23 rental houses within a portfolio.

Topics covered in this video:

  • How the price and returns were analyzed for the original purchases
  • The improvements made to the properties
  • Managing tenants, from screening, to repairs, to accepting electronic payments
  • The legal and financial structure with the investors

Topics discussed in this discussion:

  • How to determine how much to pay for a lot for spec home development
  • How to evaluate what can be built on a lot in the City of Austin based on the zoning and Land Development Code
  • What else to look for when determining if land is appropriate for building and residential development.

This seminar was recorded as part of the Central Austin Real Estate Meetup.

  • Brent Wheeler

    Great topic & info… even for the other side of the country! Really liked Scott’s excel breakdown of each property and wish I would’ve watched this before purchasing the condo I have now… lesson learned.

    • Yes, Scott’s info is fantastic. The numbers are the numbers, so his info is relevant no matter where you are buying.